Avoid the loan guarantor trap

When Arvind Mani (name changed) ditched his Dubai home loan during the meltdown of 2009 and fled back home to India, marketing professional Satish Pillai (name changed), who had signed up as a guarantor for Mani’s home loan, saw the noose tightening around his neck. Within two months, Pillai had also packed his bags and
For this month’s getting finance column, we approached one of the top finance experts in the region – Andy Yiacoumi, Partner, Credit Management Institute Middle East FZ LLC. Here, we ask him to address a tough, yet crucial, question – as the market starts to turn around, how should an SME approach credit?    

The Credit Connection

Andy Yiacoumi takes a closer look at how a company should establish shared service centres for some of its business processes in order to ensure cost efficiency for the finance function. https://issuu.com/accountantme/docs/accountant_june_2013_low_res_for_we/70
For your company to maintain reputable image, excellent service standards and stay in business for the long term, you need to keep a close eye on your trade debtors. Joyce Njeri reports on the highlights from the recent Citi-roundtable forum for CFOs and Finance Managers in the Food Processing and Manufacturing sector.    THE REGIONAL